Following the success of SLG4024 reader/writer, Signalcard has developed a product directed to event onganizers and show producers that require a trustworthy access control system combining low cost and maintnance with security. The system can retain the card after it’s been used or mark the card and return to the user. Using one system os the other depends on the specific requirements of an event. Exhibitions, more commonly, keep the user card in order to avoid counterfitting or for use in similar events in the future. Other situations such as in Soccer Stadiums, the user keeps the card after it’s been marked and used. This system can be installed in of-the-shelf electromechanical ratchets, where the system operator can, using an specific software, obtain reports of usage by entrance, by ticket type or by time.



The systems greatest advantage is that it uses inductive cards as tickets. The inductive technology is highly counterfitting resistant due to its unique manufacturing caractheristics. An industrial complex is required to manufacture the card and read/write equipment whose technologies are not in public domain. This means that the system operator can sell the tickets in advance with confidence no counterfits will become available. It means that an event can be paid for even before it begins, something that is not possible with currently available with magnetic stripe cards or bar code cards in an offline system. The cards can be individually coded ( with up to 8 different types on each code ) as well as have a custom printting with logos and sponsors both on front and back and, eventually, an ad from the system operator.


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Cartões Indutivos e Sistema de Automação, Controle de Acesso e Vending Machines

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