Signalcard, once again using the SLG 4024 card reader/writer, brought to the market a cheap, eficcient and highly dependable internet access control available for Public Access Terminals and online computer game houses, commonly known as LAN Houses. The system is composed of a SLG 4024 plus an interface onto which the computer peripherals are conected ( mouse, keyboard, earphones, microphones, etc,) This interface allows the card reader to block/unblock these peripherals using the inductive card.


The main advantage of the system is in its simplicity, no extra software or hardware is needed for instalation on commom PC type computers. Each computer requires its own reader. The system is automatically unblocked as soon as a valid card is inserted.


The card reader also has a comunications port type RS 485, that can link the user terminal to a software in a control terminal that can obtain reports of usage as well as programing each terminal with its own time/credit ratio. The systems alterts the user when his time is finishing, from 3 minutes to 1 minute before charging the next credit  by flashing the rader display ever faster in rate. Having no more credits to use, the reader blocks the terminal.


The system operates individually, allowing each terminal to have its onw time/credit ratio ( i.e. a terminal with a special software or peripheral can have a smaller time/credit ratio).


The cards can have between 1 and 10 credits, with exclusive conding for each operator and custom printing with the number of credits available. The system is hacker-safe because it is controlled by hardware and not software and its also fraud-safe due to its use of inductive card as the prepaid means.


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