Since 2001, Signalcard has been manufacturing inductive cards for use as tickets in sporting events, notably for soccer matches. These cards are ISO sized, similar to those used in public pay phones all over Brazil, and it brings to soccer teams all the advantages of the inductive card technology: great safety against income evasion and falsification.


This allows for something not common in the Brazilian soccer world: the possibility of advanced sales or even season ticket sales which means getting paid before the actual game happens. This happening in a situation where the person buys the ticket that will grant access to the Stadium and not a receipt that he will later exchange for the actual ticket. In other types of systems (bar codes and magnetic strip), this is not possible because the tickets can be easilly coppied with standard equipment.


Recent situations that ocurred with customers of magnectic cards exemplifies that: a team made an early sale for an international game in a total of 50.000 tickets but, at the game day, almost 70.000 people showed up with tickets and owners of original tickets stayed out of the Stadium because the ones with illegal copies already filled the seats. With inductive cards, this never would have happened. The inductive techonology is not in public domain, meaning that only manufactures can make the cards, which cannot be coppied with equipment available at electronic stores.


The inductive card has unique data recording technology that, even though it is not in public domain, it is not costly. The tickets can have a customized printing on the front for each team, with a badge, team mascot or sponsor logos and can contain visual informations about the game such as: date, place, type of seating and price. The back of the ticket could contain information regarding the use of the ticket as well as sponsors or a variety of instructions.
The internal code of the card is unique for each game having the date, price and seating location all recorded in so the ticket holder can only access the area for his specific seating at that specific day and even on a specific entrace to the ball park, preventing a person from entering a sector for which he is not allowed.


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